MyTime Care info (EN)

The purpose of the WebApp is to encourage students to become aware of their study time and promote a constant effort, which in turn improves learning and the exam performance.
The App allows you to keep track of the classes attended and the hours of study. For some courses, the App also shows the median number of hours of the classmates that plan to take the exam in the same call as you. Finally, the App allows you to tell the teacher, in a fully anonymous way, how much the grade you obtained at the exam was in line with your expectations.

Please consider that the university credits system (1 CFU = 25 hours, of which 7/8 of frontal lessons) assimilates study to work. This is easily seen by considering that full time students are assigned 60 CFU each year, corresponding to 1500 hours, that is, 36 hours per week for 42 weeks and 10 weeks of holidays.

Enjoy your study!

P.S. Please, watch the video tutorial on this website on how to register and how to record class attendance

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